Green Bridge Run

There are many walks or runs that can be done at Chatelherault Country Park, just outside Hamilton.  One of those is the Green bridge walk, a 7km track that heads south east along the river Avon Water. I decided to run this route, having walked it on previous occasions. 

The track is mostly tree lined for the first 4.5km. The track before reaching the turn for the Green bridge is mostly level, it then descends down to the fine wooden bridge with good views across the Avon water. 

Avon Water


The Green Bridge

Time to rest

The track after the bridge ascends rapidly and I was forced to walk this section of the run. As the track evens out there is a chance of a nice viewpoint, however it isn't too well marked and can be easily missed. You get the full effect of the weather on the west side of the Avon water as the tree line has been cut back, giving less protection. 

There is a chance to visit the Cadzow Oaks, trees which are over 700 years old. You can have a longer run by heading to the Dukes Monument. I was content on running past Cadzow castle (what's left of it) and over the Dukes bridge back to the visitors centre. 


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