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Where To Stay On The West Highland Way

It's coming up for a year since I last walked the West Highland Way, it certainly doesn't feel like it. Of all the posts I made last July, this one had stayed in draft form. A post I was meant to get around to months ago, well better late than never.  Below I have included some places to stay on the West Highland Way, as always I'll try to include places to suit a range of budgets. this isn't an exhaustive list and doesn't include options like Air BnB. I have stayed at some of these places on this list but i have not been paid by any of the campsites or hotels for my opinion (unfortunately)  The Start Milngavie Glasgow has far and away the largest choice of accommodation to choose from. Milngavie is only a 40 minute train ride from Glasgow, however if you wanted a place to stay before starting your walk then there are a few places to stay. Premier Inn  budget hotel room, well kind of.  Best Foot Forward  is a B and B which caters spec

John Muir Way: Section 3

Strathblane to Croy How to Get There From Glasgow I caught the early morning train to Milngavie. There is a regular service from Scotland's biggest city, and the entire journey only takes about 40 minutes. From the train station at Milngavie I got the B10 bus to Strathblane. This journey only takes just over 10 minutes. My commute took just over an hour to complete. At half seven in the morning, I was ready to start the next part of my journey. Civilisation I know that the John Muir Way isn't a trek through the wilderness, so when I say that the route passes through small villages and towns, it all sounds pretty obvious. However up until this stage you would move from urban area to countryside back to an urban area at the end.  At section 3 of the  walk, you pass through Lennoxtown and Kirkintilloch and smaller settlements like Milton of Campsite and Twecher. Unlike other walks where it is about getting to the next checkpoint, this section of the JMW can be enjo