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Unicorns and Rainbows

Stirling Castle For a moment there was a break in the weather, the sun emerged for the day and for the first time in a couple of weeks, I managed to venture outdoors. The rain and wind had been constant and it looked as though the country was vying for the wettest Feburary ever. With the break in the rain, plans were made quickly to do something that could utilise this rare dry spell. The journey from Glasgow to Stirling is a quick one and we were in Stirling in 40 minutes. There is parking available but it costs £4 for cars for the day. Robert the Bruce  Entry to the Castle There is plenty to do inside, we checked out the bottom of the Palace first. This was split into different themed rooms and gave a little more history about the castle. This short version was it was built by King James V using his wife's money. After that we  ascended to the upper levels that showed the throne and bedrooms.  Great Hall Inside the Palace Actors portraying different

Windy Castle

Walking with Kids It was a good idea, a visit to a castle last Sunday afternoon. However I didn't think about storm Dennis and the high winds accompanying that particular weather front. The plan was to drive from Glasgow to Dumbarton to visit the castle on the shore of the Firth of Clyde. Obviously the winds were much stronger than I had expected, so much that it forced Historic Scotland to close the exerior parts of the castle, for safety reasons. Rather than waste a journey we decided to walk along the foreshore, which again was open to the elements but at least we spent a small amount of time outdoors during a untypical wintery weekend. I'll report back with a proper look around Dumbarton Castle.  Army Recruiting  Dumbarton Foreshore Clambering  Firth of Clyde Dumbarton 

What's New for 2020

Okay, you would think this might make sense to have created this blog post right at the start of the year, not a month and a half in. Well think again, below are a few areas that I'll be looking to try and acomplish during the year.  John Muir Way Having walked 7 of the 10 stages last year, reaching Edinburgh. The idea is to finish this off in the first part of the year. I have about 40 miles left to the end so it would be ideal to get this done in a couple of hikes.  Munros The last Munro that I walked was back in 2012 so it is time to get back into ticking off more mountains.   I've walked very little in Glenoe so that would be a good place to start. I've also got a fancy idea about walking the Mamores. Those not in the know, this is a mountain range at Kinlochleven that has 10 Munros. I have a plan to see if I can walk them all in 1 day. Now that I've put that daft idea out there I may now have to try and do it.  LELA I'm h