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Glas Tulaichean

I escaped the relatives for a few hours on Saturday and took a trip up to the Spittal of Glenshee to attempt Glas Tulaichean (1051m). As always I thought that I might be able to squeeze in another couple of Munros while I was out. I turned into Spittal of Glenshee just before ten, the only people that I saw were tourists standing pensively at a bus stop wondering if a bus were going to turn up and take them to a place where they had shops that opened. The Starting point for the walk was at The Dalmunzie Hotel. You could either park next to the hotel and pay the £2 tariff or at the end of the driveway for free although you would face the extra 2 miles on to your overall journey. I didn’t bring any money so I parked in the free section and tried to convince myself that the extra walking distance would allow me to warm up for the main hill walk I knew in the back of my mind I would begrudge this trudge back to the car on the way back. Once beyond the hotel I followed what I believed to b

Glenlochsie Lodge

Glenlochsie Lodge at the foot of Glas Tulaichean, near Glenshee

Staying in

A near perfect day and I'm not out on the hills, typical! It's very seldom that Scotland can go 2 days without rain but it has happend this weekend. Anyway it looks like my trip to do the Southern Upland way will be postponed until next year, hopefully. The reason being that we've just had our first baby 4 weeks ago, which is also the reason I'm not out today but I don't mind. Anyway I'll look forward to heading up to Glenshee next Saturday. However I'm sure we won't get 2 dry weekends in a row....