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Back to Bothwell Castle

Walks With Kids It was time for the post Christmas wee walk in the woods. The kids had spent the last few days indoors, mostly, so it was time to get some air. We parked back at Bothwell Castle, its a small car park, predominantly used by dog walkers. Again, we paid a visit to the castle. There was less building work going on inside so we were able to access most of the rooms. Path From Car Park To the River The Clyde Our walk, such as it was, consisted of walking away from the car park, following a path that led down to the river Clyde. We followed the river bank for a mile or two in the opposite direction of the castle. There are usually tracks that lead up through the woods and we found an outline of one of these paths near a set of flats which lead us back down to the large field at the far end of the castle.

The Walk That Did (Not) Happen

Of late I have been using the Pentland hills, outside Edinburgh, to develop my map and compass reading skills. One of the planned days out started from Harlaw car park, which is located near the reservoir with the same name. The route card I had created had everyone heading up and over Harbour hill before a hike back around Black hill to the car park. After turning up to start the walk, the weather had turned to the point where it was difficult to see much due to the driving rain. The wind speed would have made walking tricky at higher altitudes.   Harlaw Car Park View from the Car Park On the March To the Farm The route started off along the mud track towards Harbour Hill. At the path junction, we took a left and headed the couple of miles to the farm Easter Kinleith. From there we followed the road back to Harlaw Car park. Wet Woods Harlaw House Harlaw Reservoir