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Croy Hill

Hiking with Kids Croy hill is part of the John Muir Way but can be walked on its own. At only 145 m the hill is accessible to all ages and can be walked in less than an hour or as part  of a longer circuit. Where is it The Start Just outside the Croy, there is parking at the side of the road, just past the car wash and opposite the takeaway shop. Croy also has a train station with regular train services from Glasgow.  The Route It's a sign From the car parking area, follow the road to the end and turn right up the path. You will see. Sign for Croy Hill as well as The John Muir Way. The path is sandwiched in between an industrial unit and the boundary fence of the quarry. You will soon reach a large gate with a Croy Hill sign on it. Follow the path straight up. There are a couple of signs that explain a little more about the area and the history, and these are worth looking out for.  The hill looks like it has to different tops to it, th

The Hidden Gardens

It's been a tough week, everyone has come down with the cold in our house. The smallest child is currently teething, new teeth just poking through the gum, while at the other end daughter number 2 has a set of wobbly baby teeth. To say that no one was in the mood for hill walking, was an understatement. The solution for getting out and about this weekend was to visit the Hidden Gardens at the Tramway theatre in Glasgow. How to get there The Hidden Gardens is located on the southside of the city right next to Pollock shields train station, regular train services run from the city centre. There is also a regular bus service from Buchanan Street station to the Tramway. The gardens are located at the back of the theatre. The Tramway theatre started its life as a tram shed for the Glasgow tram network, but with the demise of the tram system  in the 1960's the space was reinvented not once but twice; as the museum of transport before being renovated to be a space

Castle Hill

Hiking with Kids Where is it? Situated at Bar Hill fort in Twechar. There is parking available opposite the entrance, to the walk, at a small industrial estate. There is a regular bus service from Glasgow to Twecher and the surrounding area.  Map of the area Start of the walk The Walk Our Route The walk starts next to the war memorial in the small village of Twechar. There is a sign for Barr Hill Fort, what is left of an old Roman fort.  Sign at the start We started off walking up Barr road to the farm, once through the red gate we continued our hike up the farm track.  Farm Track Gate  There are good views of the canal and of Kirkintilloch in the distance. We continued our hike until we reached the old Scottish Water building, the route to Castle Hill also follows part of the John Muir Way so we followed the signs which led us to the old Roman settlement. The fort is situated on a big grassy hill, which has lovely mature trees per

Duncarnock Hill Fort

Hiking with Kids Duncarnock Hill I had stopped hiking with the kids around last October after the Bowie Hill debacle. The weather by then was deteriorating as were the daylight hours. The last thing I wanted to do was to drag the poor souls up a hill through the pouring rain. Fast forward to now, late spring, where I'm dragging my kids up a hill in the pouring rain . How To Get There The map below shows the location of the hill. We drove by car through East Kilbride and followed the signs for Newton Mearns (ooooh fancy!). Before reaching Neilston we turned off and took the farm roads to Glanderston road. There is a space to park a couple of cars. Where it is in Scotland The Route The Walk From the car we walked down the farm track and took a right through the gate which took us past the fishing reservoir, known as Glanderston Dam. The rain had just started to come down and we were able to take shelter under a couple of large trees. Once the worst of t