Croy Hill

Hiking with Kids

Croy hill is part of the John Muir Way but can be walked on its own. At only 145 m the hill is accessible to all ages and can be walked in less than an hour or as part of a longer circuit.

Where is it

The Start

Just outside the Croy, there is parking at the side of the road, just past the car wash and opposite the takeaway shop. Croy also has a train station with regular train services from Glasgow. 

The Route

It's a sign

From the car parking area, follow the road to the end and turn right up the path. You will see. Sign for Croy Hill as well as The John Muir Way. The path is sandwiched in between an industrial unit and the boundary fence of the quarry. You will soon reach a large gate with a Croy Hill sign on it. Follow the path straight up. There are a couple of signs that explain a little more about the area and the history, and these are worth looking out for. 

The hill looks like it has to different tops to it, the one on the right has a fence warning of the cliff edge, although this gives good views of the quarry. The one the left gives better views of the surrounding area. We decided to do a loop around both. We could have walked further, taking in more of the surrounding area, however lunchtime was calling for my wee hikers. Overall this is worth the time as you could spend as much time as you like exploring all the different parts of the hill. 

I'll be back around this area in early July for the next part time of the John Muir Way. 


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