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Cathkin Braes

Walking with Kids There has been a couple of good walking days sandwiched between downpours. Cathkin Breas is located in the south east of Glasgow, sandwiched between Cambuslang and East Kilbride.  There is a layby to park near the wind turbine but this only has room for half a dozen cars. This is the closest place to park for the walk to Queens View. The main car park further down past the wind turbine (if coming from East Kilbride) that can be used as a starting point for a number of walks. Our aim was to get to the trig point which is next to the mast tower. From the car park walk along the path towards the wind turbine.  Looking at the wind turbine  From the turbine proceed straight on into the woods. There is a multitude of paths here that are designed for mountain biking so care must be taken when walking around here. Into the woods  There is no right way to go, head north east through the woods, it can be mucky in places so make sure to wear adequate footwear.  Trail through the

Dechmont Hill

Walking With Kids At last, after a weekend where it barely stopped raining there was a break in the weather, and a chance to get out. Dechmont hill is our closest climb and measures just under 200m, which gives the kids a chance to get to the top. We parked on the road that runs parallel behind Gilbertfield road. The walk started on the track that leads to Dechmont farm and the shooting range. They are now turning this area into housing, so be careful of builders lorries etc. We took a left turn at the road which leads to the farm, and then a right at the Dechmont Range House, now abandoned. The track ends at a small compound, but takes you past the ruins of Gilbertfield Castle. Gilbertfield Castle The compound contains a couple of old houses which acts as a control station for the shooting range. There is no access through it, instead take a left turn before the end of the track and make your way through the grass. There is a path through here but can be obscured by the tall grass sur