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Etive Mor

Munro: Buachaille Etive Mor Stob Dearg 1022m / 3353ft Stob na Broige 956m / 3136ft OS Map: 41 I had realised at around 750m up Stob Dearg that I was stuck. To escape the field of loose rocks I had diverted my walk and now found myself trying to climb over rocks in a V shaped channel which has been cut away over the years by a small stream which was also getting my feet wet. I took a breather and looked down the gully to find half a dozen people stopped a couple of hundred metres below. I tried once more to struggle over the loose and wet rocks but it was no good. As I looked down once more the numbers of the people below had increased to about ten. By the time I had retreated slightly to scramble up some big rocks to my right my audience had numbered around fourteen, all staring intently at my progress, or lack of it. I thought that either they were getting some amusement out of the situation I was in or, my paranoia kicked in as I thought that I might be going the wrong w

Looking at Stob na Doire

Munro at the other end of the Etive Mor ridge

Stob Dearg

It looks impossible to get out of this but there is a route

Where did my fitness go?

Ridge to Beinn Heasgarnich Munro: Beinn Heasgarnich Height: 3530ft / 1076m OS Map: 51 Beinn Heasgarnich is situated at the back of Killin a few miles down a one lane farm track. I started my walk next to the Kenknock farm and decided to take the lower track to a disused farm house. From there I ascended behind the farm house where I got my first glimpse of Creag Mhor a Munro next to Beinn Heasgarnich. Looking at Creag Mhor from a height of 350m it didn’t look too bad and I was tempted to try it first. However common sense prevailed and I crossed a small stream and proceeded to head up the west flank of Beinn Heasgarnich. The terrain became tougher and steeper from about 600m to 960m and my fitness or lack of it began to show. Once at the Once I struggled to get to the top of this tricky little section I could see the broad ridge to the top of Beinn Heasgarnich and I was on the top in just over three and a half hours. Creag Mhor can wait until next time.

View from the top of Beinn Heasgarnich