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Edinburgh Zoo Lanterns

It's hard to get motivated during the depths of winter, the short days and the low temperatures mean that you just want to stay indoors.  We had decided to go to Edinburgh Zoo to see the giant lanterns. This year's theme was prehistoric, looking at the evolution of species from early creatures right through the dinosaurs to the modern age. The lanterns are well done and it does take a while to walk around. The walk also includes areas where you walk uphill and so this is also a healthy way to keep fit. The price of entry is quite expensive and it is best to pre book as it is a popular attraction at this time of year.  Total distance: 3.6km Time taken: 2 hours Find out more at the link below. Giant Lanterns

Crookston Castle

Cost Free Amenities  Toilets, no gift shop.  Where is it? Pollock, just a stones throw from Silverburn shopping centre. From Glasgow take the M77, exiting at junction 2. Take a right at the lights and continue straight (passed Silverburn) to the roundabout. At the roundabout take a right (3rd exit) and continue along this road for a mile or so. You will see the castle on a small hill on your right. Turn right into the housing estate and find somewhere to park on the street.  Castle Crashers My wife works evey alternate weekend. During this time I look after our 4 children. My wife looks after them the majority of the time during the week. This isn't a problem during the summer; a trip to the park or a walk in the woods can be done with relative ease, with the long days and warm(ish) weather. Winter is different and difficult. It's cold and dark and the opportunities to get outdoors decrease. The children like to visit old places, mainly to explore and find

Boden Boo

Hiking with Kids Christmas had gone. We had spent the best part of 2 weeks indoors and we needed to get out. Anyway the kids were bored of their new toys. I had been looking to try this walk for a while, as far back as the summer but it had got lost in the middle of family life. As luck would have it, we were travelling west to Helensburgh, so I arrange for a stop off to check out this walk.  Where is it? This woodland walk sits on the banks of the river Clyde, under the shadow of the Erskine bridge. Leave the A898 before travelling over the bridge, the turn off for the car park is only 50 m or so after the second roundabout. I had parked next to a wall where a few other cars had stopped, unknown to me, if I had continued on I would have driven down to the main car park. This is still quite a small car park and would probably fill up quickly.  The Walk Starting Point Sign Show the Way On the Right Path The walk itself takes you around in one big loop

Fenton Jacket Review

Brand: Craghoppers Supplier: Craghoppers Online Cost: £27.00 Welcome to this latest post, as always I haven't been paid for this review and all comments about this jacket as my own, such as they are anyway. I've actually had this jacket for a few months but held off on the review to get a chance to wear it a few times to see how it held up to the Scottish weather. All the walks I have done in it so far have been all at relative low level, apart from one. It has seen a few rain showers and high winds during my short time with it. Design The jacket design is minimalistic that comes in dark moss or granite colour, the latter one is on the pictures at the top and bottom of this post. The white  in the zips and mesh interior  contrast the outer colour really well . I like this and it can easily be worn out and about in social occasions, without looking like you've just stepped off a mountain. The jacket is a shell type and is ideally suited to spring through to e