Crookston Castle




Toilets, no gift shop. 

Where is it?

Pollock, just a stones throw from Silverburn shopping centre. From Glasgow take the M77, exiting at junction 2. Take a right at the lights and continue straight (passed Silverburn) to the roundabout. At the roundabout take a right (3rd exit) and continue along this road for a mile or so. You will see the castle on a small hill on your right. Turn right into the housing estate and find somewhere to park on the street. 

Castle Crashers

My wife works evey alternate weekend. During this time I look after our 4 children. My wife looks after them the majority of the time during the week. This isn't a problem during the summer; a trip to the park or a walk in the woods can be done with relative ease, with the long days and warm(ish) weather. Winter is different and difficult. It's cold and dark and the opportunities to get outdoors decrease. The children like to visit old places, mainly to explore and find out what's inside. I had chosen Crookston Castle for its closeness to our house, it is only a 20 minute drive away.
Path to the Castle 

A View of Crookston Through the Trees 

Explanation of the Ditch


Entry to the castle is free. It sits on a small hill in the middle of a housing estate. There is a large ditch that surrounds the castle, obviously to ward off any undesirables back in the day. There is a house to the entrance to the castle, this is where the toilet block is located.

Castle Layout

The site itself isn't that big but it does pack in a lot of rooms and places to explore. The ground level consists of the basement area, where food would be stored. The well is also located here. A short flight of steps up takes you to the hall where there is the what is left of a large fireplace.


First Floor Fireplace 

From here you climb a narrow and winding staircase to the war room. The next three flights to the viewpoint at the top are done by taking an iron ladder. This can be steep at times and the hatch to the viewpoint on the roof is quite narrow. It's worth it though as you are rewarded by great views of Glasgow.
Iron Staircase 

Hatch to the Roof

View of the City

Is you would like to find out about the history of the castle then follow the link below. 

While your here, you could extend your visit in the area by taking a walk in Ross Hall Gardens, a small but pleasant park, perfect for a short stroll. 


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