Spectacle E'e Falls


Distance Walked: 5.76km

Time Taken: 1 hour 57 min


The route that we took for this walk is shown below. 

We started this walk in the centre of Strathaven, for a shorter walk it is possible to park at the waterfall car park in Sandford. This is a small village a couple of miles from Stathaven. As it was a nice day we decided on a slightly longer route starting at the carpark on Station Road. From here, we took a left out of the car park, along Station Road and then a right on the B7086.  

Road out of Strathavon

View from The farm Track

On the Right Track?

This road takes you out of the town towards Sandford. After a couple of hundred metres out of the town we took the first farm track on the left. There is an official signpost further on, however, both routes end up in the same place later on. The farm track is scenic and muddy, the track bends towards the river and over what looks like a newly built bridge. There are some nice views of the river and the surrounding countryside from the bridge.

View from the Bridge

Bridge over Calm Water

Looking Back to the Bridge

Heading to the Falls

After the bridge, turn right and follow the track leading upstream. There are some ruined buildings before you reach the falls. There is a proper supported walkway that leads to a viewpoint to witness the power of the waterfall.  It is easy to get some great photos from here, for anything more professional, you may feel the need to go into the field opposite the falls. 

Heading Upstream

Path to the Falls

Ruined Buildings

Walkway to the Falls

To get to Sandford, go back to the ruined buildings and take the path that leads up around the back of the falls. This path leads to a field which you cross through to the stile and follow the road back past the private houses. From here it is  a case of following the path next to the B7086 back to Strathaven. Just be careful of little children near the busy road on the walk back up. 

Heading Back

The total walking distance was 5.76km in just under 2 hours. This included four children, the youngest at the time was 5 years old.

Overall this was an enjoyable walk for everyone and a good way to spend a couple of hours on a quiet afternoon.   


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