Cort-ma Law


Cort-ma Law

Less than an hours drive from Glasgow, just north of Lennoxtown are the Campsie hills, which allows for a quick days hike. 

Starting Point

The best place to start is at the Campsie Glen waterfall car park. This can get busy, so it is best to try and get a parking space early. The walk itself starts directly opposite the car park. 

Car park location

Location of hill


The track ascends immediately from the carpark travelling east, go past the old shelter covered in graffiti.

Hike up from the car park

The track continues upward and the track could be tricky at this point for younger walkers. The first part of the walk ends at a small cairn marker. 
First marker cairn

From there the hike undulates for 2km as it snakes it's way slightly south of the actual top. Here you will reach a bigger cairn marker. 
Second marker cairn

From this marker turn north east to the trig point 4.5 km distance. The height of the summit is 526m. We reached the top with 4 kids in 1 hour and 44 mins. 

Running downhill

There is a reason that the hill has a dog leg to it, on the way back we took the straight route approach and found that we had walked into quite boggy terrain. It certainly cost us a bit of time and wet feet, I would advise that it is best to go back the same way. 

It took 1 hour 22 mins to make it back from the top, completing the entire walk in 3 hours and 6 mins. Strava must not have counted the breaks we had while walking, hence the time difference. 


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