Boden Boo

Hiking with Kids

Christmas had gone. We had spent the best part of 2 weeks indoors and we needed to get out. Anyway the kids were bored of their new toys. I had been looking to try this walk for a while, as far back as the summer but it had got lost in the middle of family life. As luck would have it, we were travelling west to Helensburgh, so I arrange for a stop off to check out this walk. 

Where is it?

This woodland walk sits on the banks of the river Clyde, under the shadow of the Erskine bridge. Leave the A898 before travelling over the bridge, the turn off for the car park is only 50 m or so after the second roundabout. I had parked next to a wall where a few other cars had stopped, unknown to me, if I had continued on I would have driven down to the main car park. This is still quite a small car park and would probably fill up quickly. 

The Walk

Starting Point

Sign Show the Way

On the Right Path

The walk itself takes you around in one big loop. You can extend the walk by walking along the banks of the river, which is known as the Clyde Coastal Path. From our starting position we took the path on our right, which wound down through the forest towards the river and the bridge. Obviously with no leaves on the trees it is quite easy to catch sight of the bridge, and the constant hum of traffic never fails to remind you that you are near a busy traffic area. There are seats and a fancy circular meeting point with some information at the front. 

From there we took the path back up the hill which runs parallel to the bridge and this path took us back to our starting point. Like I said, one big loop. Even though it was a clear day the temperature was low and I didn't want to ruin the kids goodwill by keeping them out longer. Plus, it was lunchtime. 

One bonus was finding out about the Clyde Coastal Path, this is something I'll add in to my "Things to do in 2020 list" 

For more information on Boden Boo check out the link.

Time Taken: 46 mins
Distance Walked: 2km
Total Height: 50m


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