The Hidden Gardens

It's been a tough week, everyone has come down with the cold in our house. The smallest child is currently teething, new teeth just poking through the gum, while at the other end daughter number 2 has a set of wobbly baby teeth. To say that no one was in the mood for hill walking, was an understatement. The solution for getting out and about this weekend was to visit the Hidden Gardens at the Tramway theatre in Glasgow.

How to get there

The Hidden Gardens is located on the southside of the city right next to Pollock shields train station, regular train services run from the city centre. There is also a regular bus service from Buchanan Street station to the Tramway. The gardens are located at the back of the theatre. The Tramway theatre started its life as a tram shed for the Glasgow tram network, but with the demise of the tram system  in the 1960's the space was reinvented not once but twice; as the museum of transport before being renovated to be a space for visual arts. The Hidden Gardens was created at the back of the Tramway in 2003, coincidentally the space was a tree nursery at the turn of the 20th Century


The Hidden Gardens runs numerous events throughout the year, this one today being a Father's Day event. The place offers a range of activities for young and old alike, from live music to chess and the chance to explore the gardens. 

Activities on Offer

Free food was also on offer, however there is a small cafe with licence to sell alcohol. 
Time to Explore
 This is a great place for the kids to explore both outside and inside.



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