Unicorns and Rainbows

Stirling Castle

For a moment there was a break in the weather, the sun emerged for the day and for the first time in a couple of weeks, I managed to venture outdoors. The rain and wind had been constant and it looked as though the country was vying for the wettest Feburary ever. With the break in the rain, plans were made quickly to do something that could utilise this rare dry spell.
The journey from Glasgow to Stirling is a quick one and we were in Stirling in 40 minutes. There is parking available but it costs £4 for cars for the day.
Robert the Bruce 

Entry to the Castle

There is plenty to do inside, we checked out the bottom of the Palace first. This was split into different themed rooms and gave a little more history about the castle. This short version was it was built by King James V using his wife's money. After that we ascended to the upper levels that showed the throne and bedrooms. 
Great Hall

Inside the Palace
Actors portraying different characters bring the history of the place alive, and it is funny to see the confused faces of the kids wondering if the woman talking to them is really a princess. The weather was dry but bitterly cold so the plan, where possible, was to stay indoors. 
The wind chill was in the minus numbers. After the visit to the great Hall and the music room we ended up walking a little of the perimeter wall. This would definitely be fun to do in the summer. The kids, for the most part, only wanted to climb on top of the cannons and visit the (expensive) gift shop.
A Walk Outside

View from the top


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