Beat the Street


For 6 weeks between September and October the Beat the Street game was installed in our local neighbourhood. This gave children and adults alike a chance to participate, a different take on staying healthy.

The idea is simple, there was over 60 boxes in a local area  scanning a box with a special cards or fob that gives you 10 points towards your overall amount. There were different events during this time that gave double or even triple points. The rules were simple, you can walk, run or cycle between boxes,travelling by car was against the rules. 

Halloween themed boxes

The benefit was that it got me motivated to run in the local area, something I didn't like usually doing. It also allowed you to meet other people that was taking part. It was fun to see those that took the game seriously. Once I got into, it my aim was to break into the top 100 players. I managed this and was able to sneak into the top 50, finishing at 49 out of over 7000 players. 

Leader board 



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