Ben Dubh



Ben Dubh is located at Luss at Loch Lomond about an hour drive from Glasgow on the A82.

The Route

The Route

From the car park at Luss, head up School Road, it looks like a side street and has the Signpost for Glen Luss. The will take you to the Bridge over the A82. Once over, continue past the house and take the next left at the corner you will see the Signpost for Ben Dubh and a gate. Go through the gate and follow the path through the ferns. 
Glen Luss sign

Hill Sign

Hill Track

The walk leads through a wooded area before opening out onto open ground where you get a better look at the Hill. The path continues north west for 4km, there are a few false tops before you reach the cairn at the summit. 

Obvious Path

Getting There 

The Path Up. 

The Top

It took just over an hour to reach the summit with the 3 older children. They all managed it, even though the youngest (7) found the track a bit of a slog.  The weather had been so dry during July that the boggy sections had completely dried. 
This hill is ideal for a short,  strenuous walk for a few hours or a day's hillwalking with  a young family. 


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