Scotland's Highest Village

 Lowther Hill

Radar Station

Wanlockhead has the distinction of being the highest highest village in Scotland at 466m and located here are the Lowther hills. Lowther and Green Lowther hills can be spotted easily due to the radar station and aerials that are situated at the tops of these hills. 



The Route 

We  parked at the Visitor centre car park. From there we walked past the toilets, up the slope next to the playpark. We continued this across the road and up onto the open slopes, heading south east.  We were following part of the route for the Southern Upland Way, the markers were quite obvious. 
Wanlockhead Village

Route Markers for the SUW
The track crosses over the road that leads up to the radar station and it would be possible to walk entirely on the road. The height of Lowther Hill is 725m so the accent from the village is only just under 300m. 
Looking Back Down the Track

Getting Closer 

Road to the Station 

View from a Distance 

It took just under an hour to get to the top of Lowther Hill. There is a decent track that leads onto Green Lowther. This was a good hill for us to do with the kids because the radar station gave an obvious destination for the top of the hill. 


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