Dalzell Estate

Okay, so there are many walks around this country park estate and this covers just one of them. This park is situated in the town of Motherwell and includes the refurbished Dalzell House which is a must see attraction when you visit the estate. This is exactly what we didn't do. 

From the car park we walked through the woods to the Japanese garden, a lovely tranquil spot. From there we walked back across the Sow Bridge, ignoring the MASSIVE country house behind us. Again, we headed back into the woods. 

Japanese Garden

There are many walking routes that can be taken around the estate. We managed to get back onto the white walk which took us past the graveyard and Lord Gavin's Temple. 


There is still so much of this country park and estate that we haven't explored and it is one of those places that doesn't tire of repeated visits. Our 2km walk took us just over an hour to complete. It is a place that you can simply spend hours in. 

The Route


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