A Walk at Chatelherault Park


With the car out of action a short train journey was in order to visit Chatelherault country park. The bonus is that the train station is located opposite the park, which make for a very easy trip. As always, the plans in my head were for myself and the kids to have a decent walk through the woods or to a ruined castle, however the kids idea was just to visit the play park. After what felt like a very long 50 mins the kids were bored of the play park and a deal was struck about going for a walk. This is a complicated process of them not wanting to walk very far at all, and me seeing it as a chance to explore. It was decided that a walk to the Wham pond was a good compromise, a distance of 1.8km away, what a long walk!

Chatelherault Park

Pond Walk Route

The pond is located behind the main house, where the shop and information centre is. We followed the signs that led to the overflow car park and then descended down a set of steps to the woods at the bottom of the main flat grassy area. The pond is easy to find but it is starting to get overgrown. We followed the track through the woods to find the second, smaller pond. There was no wildlife as in birds or fish that could be seen which added to the overwhelming feeling of disappointment. Maybe we visited it at the wrong time of year or it could be a place that it is to be redeveloped. Who knows, but the next time we are trying the Green Bridge route, I'll just tell the kids there is a play park at the end. 

The Main House


Wham Pond


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