Quick Hiking Meals

The one area of long distance walking that I still struggle with is to have a decent lunch to eat during the different walking days. It's okay if I manage to pass by a small village or town where I can grab a bite to eat, but on more remote walks I tend to not eat very well during the day. I usually try and get by with either snacks like protein bars, nuts or fruit.

To combat this I got a small flask as a birthday present a couple of years ago. I decided that this can be used to prepare some hot food that can be stored in my bf ready to eat during the day. I decided to carry out a couple of experiments to see how well this would work.

Rice and Sausage

80g quick cook rice
Cured sausage
Dried vegetables. 
Half a stock cube

This is quite simple. I boiled up 190ml of water in my stove and poured it into the flask with the rice and the dried vegtatables. I shook the flask a little to mix the contents and I then left it for 4 hours. Once the contents had absorbed the water I chopped up some of the cured sausage and put that into the flask and mixed it again. Along with the water I had added half a stock cube to give it some flavour. I'm sure other seasonings could be used to enhance the flavour of the meal. The weight of the meal dried was 100g


1 section noodles
Dried vegetables 
Soy mice mix
Half a stock cube

This was a similar set up as above, heat the water. Break up a section of noodles and put it in the flask with water, stock cube, dried veg and soy mince mix. I used half the mince mix and I had to experiment with the amount of water that would soften the mince and noodle mix. This one turned out to have more liquid in it, but it could act like a noodle soup. 

Both ideas turned out well and would do as quick meal during a long hike. They also didn't need too much hot water to make and could be done as part of the morning breakfast routine. The food didn't leave much mess in the flask, making clean up easy. 


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