Oat Bars

I had made some oat bars a couple of years ago ahead of my West Highland Way trip. This is a variation on that, and of all the recipes that are out there on the Internet.


220g Porridge Oats
40g Chopped Apricots
40g Chopped mixed nuts
10g flaxseed
50ml Oat Milk
1 dsp Biscoff spread 
1tsp Coca Powder
1 banana
Pinch of Cinnamon 

This is a very simple recipe and one that can be put together in less than 10 minutes. Put all the ingredients into a large bowl. I had broken up the nuts into smaller pieces and had mashed the banana beforehand. The reason for using these ingredients was that they were in the cupboard. If apricots weren't available then I would have used apples or any other fruit. 

Chopped Nuts

I had originally planned for 100ml of oat milk but put half in to check for consistency. It was a good move as the mixture had that sticky look to it with just 50ml.
Ready for Mixing 

The secret ingredient in this version of an oat bar recipe was the Biscoff spread. If this wasn't readily available then peanut butter or another type of spread would work equally well. 
Who Knew This Existed? 

The advantage of making your own bars for walking is that almost anything can be added to them to suit your needs. As someone who is sensitive to dairy, this is a better option than store bought trail bars. Obviously the lack of added sugar in the ingredients means that the slices don't taste overtly sweet. I think next time I would add more Biscoff spread to get more of the biscuit taste coming through the bars. I know that this will end up being a basic recipe that I can tweek in the coming months. 


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