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Mountain Review 

With lockdown still currently in progress I've found it just as busy at home with work. I'm lucky not to have lost my job or to have been furloughed, so I'm not complaining. As a teacher I can still run classes online. I've been especially busy making instructional videos to go along with more complex theory work. 
I've been meaning to catch up on some outdoor related movies and documentaries. One of which, Mountain, released in 2017 resides in my Netflix cue. The movie run time is just less than 1 hour 20 mins. I grabbed a chance between home schooling tasks to check it out. 
Lens Flare

The movie is certainly one of the best shot documentary's on the outdoor world, one now pretty much shut off from all of us. The movie covers the early days of mountain exploration, the need for city dwellers to escape the concrete metropolis for wild adventure. The film covers the conquest of Everest, and indeed the worlds highest mountain features a few times during the run time. There are different sections to the movie; the infringement of humans on the mountain landscape and how we alter it to our own needs. Humans desire for danger and adventure and trying to do the impossible. The themes are fairly obvious ones and the movie tends to spend only a little time looking at each one before moving on. The film is narrated by Willem Defoe and scored by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. His narration is great, even though some of the script is over ernest. You could just as well have watched the whole thing on mute and you wouldn't have missed much. It's the visuals that really sell this film and you'll find yourself saying: "I've got to go there" repeatedly. Overall this is a good movie that treds familiar ground, but will make you wish for a speedy end to the lockdown. 
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