Spittal Hill

It's seems strange but I went out for my government allocated exercise time and ended up accidentally walking up a hill. Just to be clear, this is within waking distance of my house and the entire walk took about 50 mins.

The walk to the top of Spittal hill is easy going and is part of a cycle route that leads to East Kilbride. The route took us out of the Drumsagard housing estate along the Newton farm road.

Farm Road

Part View of a Field

At the top of the road we took a right  and followed the track which is well used by dog walkers. The track is sandwiched between two fields and does feel as if you're out in the wilds.

The Track

Trig Point 

Trig Inspectors 

The trig point is three quarters of the way along. It's strange to see this here but was fun to tell the kids they have just walked up a hill. The track leads back to the A724 to Blantyre and a ten minute walk back to Drumsagard.

I was surprised at the fact there was a trig point along this walk. I decided to dig a little further using the website http://trigpointing.uk/
This site showed all the local trig points within a few miles. As the lockdown continues, I may end up trying to bag more of these markers, as it definitely will mix up my walking routes over the coming months. 


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