LELA Award

One of the tasks I had been meaning to do for years now, was to look at gaining some sort of outdoor certification. A step in this direction actually came through my work. As a teacher I had been planning to get involved with the DofE. To be able to lead groups of pupils, or should I say to supervise their journey, you need to be accredited with a Lowland Expedition Leader Award.

In the past I had considerd taking part in a mountain leader course, just for my own development, but like a lot of other things I never got around to it. The LELA course still provided me the chance to work on my map reading and compass skills and I was able to use this out on some practice walks in the Pentlands.
Pentlands Training

I can say now that I am much more comfortable now using a compass when out and about. It would be good to apply these skills when out Munro bagging (whenever that'll happen), but that may need to wait. As like most courses there is a fair amount of paperwork to complete. Evidence to show you have taught pupils the necessary skills in the class before taking on an expedition. What I am still missing is a record of quality days out walking, with a route card and map of where I walked. I'm sure some of my previous walks will be useful, but it would be a good to record some new walks.


This course teaches you to supervise and lead pupils to a height of 600m and usually with a well defined path or track to guide. It is aimed at leading people in lowland walks like the Great Glen Way, for example. It is a course recommended if you are looking to be involved in the DofE. Along with map reading and navigational skills, the course also deals with leadership and route planning along with what to do in an emergency. The weekend just past was supposed to be a camping trip away to work on tent pitching and camping stoves. As you can see in the top picture, I did pitch the tent, in my back garden.

I would say that for anyone that enjoys walking outdoors and is wanting to develop their skills then it is a good use of your time and money in completing one of these courses. I know that I have found it useful. The outdoors will always be there for me to finish my course at a later date. The website can be found by  clicking the link below. 

Stay safe. 


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