Things to do in and around Dalavich

If your deciding to visit Dalavich or going to spend a little time in the area you are probably wondering what you can do while your here. Well below are a few examples of places to visit during your time here.

Tall Trees Trail

Only a couple of miles from Dalavich is a lovely walk amongst some of the oldest trees in Scotland. The walk itself takes you along the shore of Loch Awe and up through the tall pine trees of McKenzie's Grove. The 3 mile walk can easily be done in about an hour. 

Crinan Canal Walk

The Crinan Canal is only 14 miles in length and so can be easily cycled or even walked in one day. There are numerous locks along the canal and it is a good chance to see the different boats that travel this route. 

Ben Cruchan Hydro Station 

A priority visit for anyone who is visiting the area would be to check out the Hydro Station. Located at Ban Cruchan, or to be more precise, under the mountain this tour will take you inside Ben Cruchan to see how this green energy is made possible. 


A nice place to visit for some lunch or dinner. It also boasts at least two places to visit while you are there. These are Inveraray Jail and the castle. Both are impressive and relate the history of the place to the local area. There is also a walk up to the tower next to the castle, for those that want to get outdoors. 

Kilmartin Museum

Located in the village of Kilmartin this museum of archeology displaying ancient artefacts found in an area rich with prehistoric sites. The museum artefacts date from as far back as 6000 years ago. 

Dunadd Fort

Linked to the museum is the Fort which is in Kilmartin Glen.  Dunadd Fort the southern end of Kilmartin Glen. It was home to a fort 2,000 years ago, and a royal power centre of Gaelic kings in the 500s to 800s AD. Below the fort site are some extraordinary features carved into the rock, including two human footprint shapes. 


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