Oboz Firebrand 2 Review

Product: Oboz Firebrand II
Cost: £90
Supplier: Go Outdoors / Amazon

A disclaimer before you may read the rest of the review. Just to be clear I haven't been paid for this review (chance would be a fine thing) and all the opinions held are my own.

I've taken my time to to post this review. I actually bought these shoes just after Christmas last year. My wife had given me a gift voucher, the cost at the top of the blog being the retail price. This was also discounted as the actual cost of the shoes can be in excess of £110. 
Oboz in action

The reason for this is that I wanted to get quite a few walks under my belt before coming to a decision. A second reason is that I'm lazy. Anyway, to make this simple, I really rate these shoes. 

The positives are that they are comfortable to wear and a great to use out while hiking. They have good treads so they grip well on wet surfaces, including algea covered rocks. They have breathable mesh sides so they keep you feet cool in warm weather. Another good aspect is that the toe area is protected, which is good if you kick a rock. They also look stylish and not like walking boots, so they can be worn just out and about. 

I did have to do a few longer walks before they were truly broken in. They always feel comfortable, but on the first longer hikes they did start to rub against my toes. They are not water proof and did leak quickly during a muddy hill walk in August, however I never expected them to keep the water out. They are still really good at keeping feet dry in general wet weather conditions. On the plus side, they dry quickly. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to using them in longer walks over the next couple of years. 

Positives: Stylish, comfortable, good grip. 
Negatives: Not waterproof 
Score: 4/5


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