The Crinan Canal

Boating with Kids

Over the course of the last year I have spent enough time walking along the side of one canal or another. In 2018 it was the Caledonian canal when I walked the Great Glen Way. This year it has been the Forth and Clyde and Union canals during the walk on the John Muir Way. During our holiday to Dallavich we were invited to meet up with relatives, sure we said, but where?  The answer was the Crinan Canal, obviously I wasn't very enthusiastic  about this as, it boring to walk along a canal after a wee while. My wife explained that we weren't going for a canal walk but we were going on the water. Panic set in. 
House next to canal

Opening a Lock Gate

Looking Cool (not really)

I must explain that in fact said relatives were bringing their own boat with them and were travelling down the canal. The canal itself is only 9 miles in length and gives easier access to the Clyde. It was open in 1801 and starts at Crinan and ends at Ardrishaig. We didn't sail down the the entire distance as we were only visiting for the day but we did meet them at lock 9. It should be noted that all the lock gates are manually operated and so the entire journey makes for a more interactive experience. It is quite satisfying to close the gate and drain the water out to lower the boat to the next section of the canal. This is also a good experience for the children as it allows them to be involved. There is no chance that we could afford a boat and to do this in any other circumstances, so this was a good opportunity for all of us. 
Gate Might Need Some Work

Closing Lock Gate

The canal itself looks very clean with some lovely houses adoring it's banks. Ardrishaig looks as if it has seen better days, however. In its heyday it might have been the place to be, when starting your journey up to the north of Scotland, however now it looks a little run down. There is a nice scale model of the Kelpies that are situated in Falkirk. 


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