Gortnamoyagh Forest

Walking With Kids

One of the good aspects about going on holiday is that it gives you an opportunity to try out new walks and see new sights. We had thought about the best place for a walk, having just arrived in Northern Ireland the evening before. A rope bridge, a beach and a temple on the coast were all options before we realised that we were best keeping things local. Just as well since we had already made three mistakes, these were:

  1. The kids were still tired from the travel and getting to bed later than usual.
  2. We didn't bring the child rucksack due to space considerations
  3. The youngest one had got new wellies but hadn't tried them out yet.

The Road

Looking at Sheep

From the get go, the kids were sluggish and looked fed up. The youngest one struggled with the new wellies and wanted to be carried most of the time. Her slightly older sister was also having a difficult time, lack of sleep was taking an effect, that only  T.V. and a couch could remedy. The whole walk only took just under 2 hours to cover the 5km distance. We had started on Drumsurn road and walked up to the main road. From here we look a left and walked along to the Pot Bar, were there was a lay-by opposite, this probably would be a better place to park the car. Next to the bar we walked up Temple road which led up to the forest. This single track road ascends gently and there are good views of  Benbradagh in the distance. As the track bends to the left the forest comes into sight. We decided to hop the gate to the left and trek the short distance to the top of the small hill. There is a faint path here, probably used by the farmer to herd his sheep. From here we doubled back down to the main road and for some lunch. 
Our wee hill

A Walk to the Top

Donald's Hill in the Distance

Total Distance: 5.2 km
Time taken: 1 hr 57 mins
Total ascent 281m


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