Bushmills Railway walk

Walking with Kids

Although our trip to Northern Ireland was to visit relatives, we thought it would be a good idea to get out and do some simple walks. One of those was a walk from Bushmills to the Giants Causeway along a cycle track next to a railway track.
The railway line

Safety First

The two mile hike would have taken us to the famous natural heritage landmark, although it should be noted that we stopped at the bridge that crossed the river Bush.
River Bush 

The walk is a pleasent one which is sandwiched between the Bushmills Railway line and the river Bush. More information can be found about this railway line at the bottom of this post. The track also crosses between a golf course, so a little care should be taken here.
Building at Golf Course

Bridge over the River

A walk next to fields

If we had a little more time I'm sure the kids would have been able to compete the 4 mile walk there and back. As it was we also wanted to have lunch at the Red Door Tea room and a visit to Ballintoy harbour.
Tea room

Sign for the tea room



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