Sugelary Camera Strap Review

Product: Sugelary  Camera Strap

Cost: £15.99

Supplier: Amazon

But First...

Full disclosure, I am NOT being paid for this review. The opinions held are mine only and are based on actual testing of the product outdoors. The product was given to me for my birthday, although I did stipulate the supplier. 

The Review

Let's be clear, I'm not a professional photographer and if you've been checking any of the pictures on this blog, you will come to the same conclusion. The issue I had in the past was down to the length of the camera strap. The one I got originally for my camera, many years ago, was only long enough to wrap around a person's neck. The trouble with this is that when hiking with a backpack the camera got in the way of the chest strap. The solution was to wear it around the neck and under the arm. With the short strap, it often got caught and was difficult to get easy access to the camera. The solution was to get a camera strap that can easily support the camera and allow for freedom of movement when walking. It also needed to allow for easy access to the camera, for picture taking on the move. 

Quick adjustment Toggle

The Full Picture

The strap is long enough to be worn at the side and can be adjusted to suit different heights of people. There is a pull ring that can shorten the strap and this is useful to adjust the strap quickly. I have used the strap on quite a few occasions and this feature is the one I use the most. The connection to the camera is a universal fitting that is also used with tripods. This is made from metal, mild steel is my guess, which means it's durable and will withstand a lot of punishment. The padded section at the shoulder area is good and gives comfort while wearing the strap. I wear this over my left shoulder, with my camera at my right hip. I often wear a backpack on top of the padded shoulder section. I sometimes find that this part slips from my shoulder and so I have to readjust it under the bag strap. I little bit of grip under the shoulder pad would have been great. 
Shoulder Pad

The shoulder pad also has a couple of pockets, although not deep, they are useful for carrying a lens cloth or case for an SD card.  The camera strap comes with a lens cloth, camera wrist strap and SD card holder, which I found useful and a welcome extra to the product.
Durable Connection


A durable, easy to use and adjust strap, that is light years away from the basic small neck strap supplied by camera manufacturers. Not exactly lightweight but will be fine to use for days out or extended trips. 


Easily adjustable
Easy to attach to any camera
Storage pockets to keep camera essentials


Extra grip in the underside of the shoulder pad would have been great.

Score 4/5

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