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Ardmore point is a short walk which is situated a couple of miles outside Helensburgh. The walk which is only a couple of miles long, is a short walk around a peninsula. This has good views over to Helensburgh as well as Greenock and the Firth of Clyde. 

The location for the walk is down Ardmore Road, which is the next left after  Argarten Garden Centre. There is parking at the bottom of the road, past the train tracks and is popular with walkers. 

The Route

The Route


The path goes around in a loop and so it can be done in any direction first. We decided to take a left past Ardmore cottage, this followed a footpath which hugged the Clyde. The path here was dry however the vegetation was over grown in a couple of places. This has been something that I have experienced on a few of these walks over the summer, a combination of warm weather and heavy rainfall has caused nettles and bushes to go wild. Another good reason to have a go at this walk is to get a sighting of Ardmore House a rather large and imposing stately home. I seem to be passing more of these properties these days. 
Ardmore Cottage

Ardmore House
Typical Path before the Mudbath

Trig Point
The first mile of the loop, to the trig point was easy going. A couple of light rain showers spoiled the nice weather but they didn't last long. After this point the ground became increasingly muddy. This became especially problematic in a couple of places, where even wellies were getting stuck in the mud. Luckily, this didn't last long and we were on firmer footing heading into the woods. The woodland walk is firmer underfoot but was a little muddy in places. It's pleasant but brief and this ends up at the edge of a field where we were watched by a couple of bemused horses who must have wondered what we were doing. I must admit I thought this myself as the rain clouds opened up on us as we trudged back to the car. 

Looking towards Helensburgh

Into The Woods

More Rain!


It has been about 20 years since I had walked this peninsula and I had vastly different memories of the walk. however, it is still a pleasant way of spending a couple of hours on a changeable Saturday afternoon. 

Total Distance: 2.7 km / 1.6 miles
Time Taken: 1 hour 54 Minutes


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