Where to Stay on the Great Glen Way: Part 2

Fort Augustus

Even though it may not look it, this is one of the bigger places on the Great Glen Way with a range of places to stay. The most cost effective if your on a budget would be the Loch Ness Highland Resort, where walkers are welcome. The camp site is located in the middle of the small town. There are also a large amount of B&B's, which could set you back about £60 + per night  during the summer season. 

Another option would be to stay at the local youth hostel, Morag's Lodge. The lodge itself is  located in the The Great Glen Way and  would be slightly less expensive at about £50 per night. 

Morag's Lodge

Loch Ness Highland Resort


Okay, the first couple of places on this list are located a few miles outside of Invermoriston, however they are still worth mentioning. The Lochside Hostel is located just off the Great Glen Way, there are signs from the track down to the hostel. The hostel offers budget accommodation but at a reasonable price. I decided to stay at Inver Coille campsite as it was a mile or so further along The Way. It should be noted that after Fort Augustus, the Great Glen Way splits into two tracks, the upper and lower paths. Now, to access either the Hostel or the campsite it is best to take the lower track. The campsite is well sign posted and a small track through the woods takes you to the back entrance to the campsite. The campsite is small but has all the amenities that you would. There is a small shop, where you can charge your phone and buy some food. There is also a toilet block and food wash up area. There isn't a place to wash clothes but the owners are very accommodating and the wash up area can be used for this purpose.

Lochside Hostel

Inver-Coille Campsite

Invermoriston is less than 3 miles from the campsite. There is limited options for affordable accommodation, the hotel there is the main choice for a place to rest for the night, however it will cost you. There is a green and small carpark across from the hotel and I did notice that a few people were using that area to camp for the night. This isn't in any of the guide books for the Great Glen Way so I imagine that it is tolerated by the locals.

Glenmoriston Arms Hotel


After Fort William and Inverness, Drumnadrochit is the largest town on the Great Glen Way, and with that one of the better places to find accomodation. The main picks here are the hostel located in the centre of town . The BCC hostel is also an option, however this is some six miles west of the town. Transport in the way of public transport can be hit miss to get there.



BCC Hostel

borlum camping

Abriachan Forest

This is a public owned forest and is located about 10 miles from Drumnadrochit. The first has a teaching centre, toilet block and children's play park. A couple of miles north of this is the campsite. It is well sign posted and is on The Way. This would be a good stop for someone starting the Great Glen Way from Inverness and wanted a short day to break themselves in.

Abriachan cafe campsite


As always the largest town on the Great Glen Way has plenty of options with regards to accomodation. If your looking to camp then you can check out . The main hostel is the which is located on the high street there is a plethora of B&B's and hotels that can be booked. 


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