The John Muir Way

It's that time of the year again when the world doesn't seem quite as dark as it did a few weeks ago. You think that the weather will decide to heat up some as well, however, what happens is that it starts to snow and we have record low temperatures for the time of year.

Anyway the plan for this year is to walk the John Muir Way, a coast to coast walk starting in Helensburgh and ending in Dunbar. The total distance is 134 miles and is broken into 13 stages. The plan is to walk the entire route over the course of a year. I know, what a cheat! But the reason for this is that I don't spend too much time away from my young family. The plan for April is to do the first two stages, the first of which is a 9 mile hike between Helensburgh and Balloch. I will be using the John Muir website to use their maps and information.


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