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Just Some Apples

I had recently noticed that the apple tree in our back garden was still hanging with fruit, obviously the good weather during the summer had worked wonders on the tree. As I brought in the three large bowls of apples I considered what I could make of them. the main candidates were either apple pie or crumble. 

Adding Some Cinnamon

A few weeks previous, I had sliced up some over ripe bananas and put them in the oven for a couple of hours to make banana chips. This had worked well and were popular with the kids. I thought that this could work again with a few of the apples. I tried this a couple of times, the first I carefully sliced up the apples thinly, taking my time to cut out the little part of the core in the middle of the slice. This took a little bit of time, but the slices turned out great. I had added some cinnamon before the cooking process which added some more flavour.

The second time I made them, I didn't bother about cutting out the core. the apples were cut thinly again and I cooked them an hour longer, at 2.5 hours. These treats would be an ideal addition to a packed lunch for a day out walking. Maybe next time I will spend a little longer cutting up more apples, the image below is the result of only a couple of apples sliced. some lemon sprinkled on them would stop them from turning brown prematurely before cooking. 

First Attempt


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