Hydration Bladder Review

Product: Hydration Water Bladder

Stockist: Amazon

Price: £11.99

The hydration bladder is a inexpensive version of the camel back bladders that are on the market. This one holds 2 litres, and this was needed for the heat we experienced in the first few days of the West Highland Way. So does it do its job? Yes the bladder can hold almost 2 l of water without leaking. I say almost as the it is difficult to fill the bladder past the fill hole near the top of the bladder.
Fill Hole

The bladder will also fit snugly in a compartment in your bag. the tube is long enough to use when hiking. the tube itself is robust but the mechanism for releasing the water, by biting on the end and pulling the mouth piece doesn't quite work.
Mouth Piece Closed

Mouth Piece Open

I sometimes either didn't bite hard enough to get any water or I pulled off the mouth piece from the tube. No harm was done and I could quickly re attach the piece as water spilled down my t shirt. I would have preferred a on/off valve as this would have been simpler. The bladder did stand up to the rigour of a multi day hike however the printing on the bladder did start to wear off.  it wasn't a big deal unless you wanted to fill the bladder to an exact amount. I found the bladder easy to clean and to detach the tube at the bottom. Unfortunately, the first time I did this I had already filled it and had water spilling at my feet. This, however, was my mistake. 


An inexpensive water bladder that is suitable for those out for a day hike or even something longer. The discerning walker may wish to spend a little more for ease of use.


  • Affordable.
  • Hold water without leaking.
  • Comes in a range of sizes.


  • The feeding tube can be tricky to release the water 
  • The bladder won't quite fill all the way to the top. 
  • the level amount markings wear off

Score 3/5


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