Hiking with Kids - Queens View

View From Queens View

Where is it?

Queens view or The Whangie, is a small hill that is about 260 m in height and only takes a  couple of hours to get up and down. If travelling by car then take the A809 north from Glasgow through Bearsden. There is a number 8 bus that will take you there from Milngavie, also there are bus and train links from Glasgow.

There is a small car park where the walk starts. The car park doesn't have toilets or shops and there are limited parking places. It's another one of those walks where it is best to turn up before 11am.

The Walk

The walk itself starts at the notice board in the car park. Follow the path along to the stile. Hop over this and continue on the wooden walkway over the marsh land.

The Start - All Ready to Go

Over the Fence We Go
A Wee Bit Marshy

This will take you into the start of the hillwalk. The path here is quite obvious, and can be muddy in certain sections so appropriate footwear should be worn. This doesn't need to be walking boots, wellies would be fine. During our walk the kids and I deviated from the track when we saw the mobile phone mast. When took a faint track up to the left. The ascent here is fine but with the lack of a proper path you may need to pick your way along the long grass.

Can't Miss the Track

 Once at the mast we headed in the opposite direction following a more obvious path. This lead us to a small pile of stones, which at first we mistook for the top of the hill.

Not the Top

Then we saw people in the distance heading for the proper trig point. We didn't have to walk much further, and the top is easy to see in good weather. The top could still be reached by continuing along the track instead of walking up to the mast. This will also give a good chance of seeing the rock formations and climbing can also be done on the rock formations.

The Top

This is a nice wee walk that can be done on your own or with the little ones. The gradient of the hill isn't as step as previous walks I've been on with the kids, and if you are new to hill walking with your children then this one is a good place to start. 


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