Esbit Thermo Foodflask Review

Product: Esbit Foodflask
Stockist: Amazon
Cost: £21.00


The Esbit foodflask comes in 3 different sizes, 450 ml, 750ml and the 1litre flask. the one I bought was the 750ml. Actually that is not quite true, this product was bought by my wife for my birthday. When I was researching these types of flask, I was looking for something that was lightweight and I can use on a hike or camping for a few days. The version I got was the black and orange one that matches one of my fleeces, yeah I know I'm a sucker for style!

The flask is meant to keep hot for at least 6 hours, warm for 8 and warmish for 12 hours. This obviously works best if you fill the canister with hot water first for a few minutes before adding your hot food. I did this first with some homemade soup and it was still hot after 5 hours. The mouth of the flask is really wide and easy to get the foodstuff into the main chamber. The lid converts to a bowl and can hold a decent amount of food. There is no foldable spoon or utensil that comes with this flask but that wasn't one of my concerns as these things either get lost or broken easily - and I have lots of spoons at home. The flask itself is lightweight and weighs in at 450g empty. I didn't record a weight of the flask when full since it depends what you're filling it with, although the average full weight would be around 1kg. The product instructions mention that you should only fill to the neck of the flask. with that in mind, the flask takes around 650ml of food, enough for a decent lunch. 
Plan View

Tested with some Soup


This is a stylish flask that can be on the trail or at work. It is easy to use and clean. Overall, I can't fault this product.

  • Wide mouth which is easy to fill the flask.
  • Keeps hot for at least 6 hours
  • Large lid that acts as a bowl. 
  • No spoon is included.
Score 5/5


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