Trangia Triangle Review

Product: Trangia Triangle
Stockist: Amazon
Cost: £21

I have made some changes before the start of the Great Glen Way. I needed to to look at ways of making my equipment lighter. One of my thoughts was not using the windshield for my Trangia 27. Instead I opted for the Trangia triangle, this weighs in at 122g, much lighter than the traditional windshield

Packaged Triangle
The packaged Triangle is so thin it can fit through a letter box Once opened each of the side pieces are individually Packed along with burner holder and a bag to keep all the pieces in. The flat packed triangle is still to long to pack within the Trangia pots, but I secured mine to the top of the frying pan.
Individually Packed Items
It took a few goes to assemble the triangle. It is easy to link the 3 panels together. The hard part is getting the burner holder in the middle. According to the instructions the triangle is constructed together first then the circular holder is pushed down into place. I had to hold 2 sides of the triangle together, place the burner holder in place then connect the 3rd aluminium sheet and bend it slightly to connect the sides. The finished assembled product feels secure and robust. There are 3 tabs which helps support a pot and obviously this works well with the Trangia pot. 
Fully Assembled Stand
Gel Burner

Easily supports Trangia Pot

Real life testing - works well


Pros: A study, lightweight stand that is suitable for the spirit or gel burners.

Cons: The stand is somewhat tricky to fit together the first time.

Design: 5/5
Ease of use: 4/5
Cost: 5/5


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