Trangia Gel Burner

Product: Trangia Gel Burner

Stockist: Amazon

Cost: £6.99

To be honest I hadn't heard about the Trangia gel burner. A relative that was hiking the West Highland Way with me had recently bought one with his Trangia kit and had bought enough gel fuel for the trip for both of us. I was planning on taking my spirit burner but didn't see the need of both of us taking fuel, so I opted for a gel burner. The tin is very light, much lighter than the spirit burner which weighs in at 127g. The simple aluminium tin only weighs 18g.

 I used the Vango gel pouches which are easy to carry and store. I was worried that the pouch may get damaged in my bag and leak, but the pouch is made from thick plastic and I was able to store this inside my Trangia. The gel burner too takes about 13 minutes to burn  about 50ml of gel, which is enough to make a meal and hot water for a  coffee. The pouch lasted me about 4 days, using it for breakfast and dinner, and the gel burner also cools down alot quicker than the spirit burner. The only down side is that there is no way if controlling the heat, there is no simmer ring like the spirit burner. 


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Cools quickly
  • No simmer function. 

Score 4/5


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