Highlander Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Product: Ultralight Sleeping Bag
Manufacturer: Highlander
Price: £32.99

The ultralight sleeping bag by Highlander is marketed as a 1/2 season bag that weighs only 500g (18oz). This is aimed at the summer hiker or camper who is looking for a bag that won't take up a lot of room, this is certainly the case  with the overall size of the bag being 150mm x 130mm when fully compressed. The bag and stuff sack weigh just over the advertised amount at 530g.

The bag itself is a mummy style, with centre zip. It only comes in a cool blue colour and the details on the bag and stuff sack state that it is suitable for 1 season use. I used this for a five day hike along the Great Glen Way at the start of August. The bag was very comfortable to sleep in and having  the centre zip instead of a side zip meant that I wasn't lying on the zip in the middle of the night. The temperature during the trip was around 16 degrees Celsius, and I never felt cold even though the bag feels quite thin to the touch. The bag doesn't open up all the way to the bottom of the bag, which makes hanging it up to dry after washing a little bit more tricky.

Another feature of the bag is the mesh lining around the hood. This can be zipped over your face to keep out any unwanted guests during your sleep, in my case in Scotland, it is midges.


  • Comfortable to sleep and use
  • Packs down to a small size, easy to carry
  • Added mesh net to keep out insects.
  • Only available in blue
  • Zip doesn't go all the way around the bottom of the bag, doesn't hang easily on a line to dry.
Overall this a great bag for using during summer camping, on a longer hike or travelling abroad. A sleeping bag liner can be used to add a season to the bag if you wanted to extend the use of the bag into Spring or Autumn. 

Score 4/5


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