Great Glen Way Preparation

I have made some changes before I leave for the Great Glen Way. Before finishing the West Highland Way, I thought I could be able to reduce the amount of equipment I had been carrying. Before leaving for the West Highland Way, I packed all my gear into a 65l rucksack, tent included in the pack. I thought this would have a better balance to my pack. 

I will now use a 35l rucksack, that I already own, and pack the tent on the outside of the bag, along with the camping mat. This will give me enough room for clothes, food, a stove, towel and first aid kit. 

65l Rucksack for West Highland

New 35l setup

Wearing the Pack

I have made other weight savings. I have bought a new 1/2 season sleeping bag, weighing in at 0.5kg. I will also use a Trangia Triangle to cook with, which will replace the bottom windshield.

The weight of the pack for the West Highland Way was 16.7kg.  I have managed to reduce that to 10.6kg, however I am aware that the smaller bag is quite old so there is chance of bag failure along the way. It will be interesting to see how this setup fares on a long distance route. 


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