Day 4, The Great Glen Way: Inver-Coille Campsite to Drumnadrochit

Early Morning Mist

The good weather I had experienced over the last couple of days broke during the night, and the midges had also come out in force. with not much to eat apart from my cold soaked porridge I decided to pack up and walk the 2 miles to Invermoriston. Once there I had some breakfast at a local CafĂ© before starting the walk to Drumnadrochit. This walk is one of the more difficult of the Great Glen Way. There is an overall ascent of 600m during the 14 mile walk, including a steep rise out of Invermoriston that gives good views over the village and Loch Ness. 

After Here, The Nearest Clog Shop is 53 miles Away

Fallen Trees Near The High Route Closure

Stone Cave Sign

There is also a choice of routes, like the previous day you can hike a high or low route. On this occasion, however the high route was closed due to track damage. The walk led through a forest track for about 3 miles, past the stone cave to the Youth Hostel. At this point Drumnadrochit is still 9 miles away. At this point the track ascends again zig zagging for 2 miles and then evens out. After this, it is downhill all the way to Drumnadrochit. 
Rising Track

Only 18 mile To Go.


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