Day 3, The Great Glen Way: Kytra Lock to Inver-Coille Campsite

The Canal at Fort Augustus
After a long walk on Day 2, I had planned a shorter hike the following day. The walk from Kytra Lock to Inver-Collie Campsite is only 10 miles and takes you through Fort Augustus. There are gift shops, cafes and bars. The only grocery shop I found was the one attached to the petrol station. It was basic but did have a small pharmacy attached. I managed to pick up enough food and medical supplies for the rest of my trip. Fort Augustus is the start of the Loch Ness section of the walk, and you have to wait a while after hiking out of the small town before you get a glimpse of the famous Loch.
Obligatory Forest Track Image
Loch Ness

There are two routes available to take during this section of the walk. The high or low route. I chose the low route as it was the most easily accessible to the campsite. The high route is longer, but has better views of Loch Ness.
I Know How This Person Feels

Can Be Reached By The Low Route 
The campsite has a large field which can accommodate solo hikers or larger families. They also have Geo Domes if Glamping is more your thing. The link to the campsite is shown below.
 Inver-Coille Campsite


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