Pack Test

I decided to do another test walk with a full pack, and what a better place to test but the West Highland Way.  The fully packed rucksack, total weight 12.3kg with 2kg of water and 1.2kg of food for a 2 mile stroll along the first section of the WHW. Now I know that is not much of a test, but we did have all the kids with us to show them what the WHW is like. The pack felt good and there were no lumpy bits sticking into my back. I'll still change some of my contents, like the inflatable mattress, I'll probably save some weight and take a foam one instead. 
The sandles were comfortable, but as expected they did let in wee stones that became annoying after a while. Actually, I managed to get a wooden splinter in my big toe, which was a surprise. Overall though I am looking forward to Saturday's departure day. 


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