Final gear breakdown

I thought I would list the complete gear breakdown that I'll be taking at the start of the West Highland Way.  I have enough food for my main meals for the first 4 days and enough breakfast porridge for the whole trip. Likewise I have probably over done it where snacks are concerned. The snacks amount for 1.3 kg which includes nuts, dried meat and my own protein bars. This should be enough for my entire trip. I could have made some of my main meals lighter by substituting rice for noodles. The rest of my equipment isn't too bad. I could drop the weight of the toiletries and clothes. The overall weight will actually just be under 16kg as I am using the poles and sandles, and not carrying them. I should get through about 600g of food a day. There is always options to buy more if needed. With the total weight 16 kg, my pack base weight will be 9.42kg, which is decent amount. I'll walk with the pack as is and make further adjustments after the walk. 


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