Day 3: Beinglas Farm to Bridge of Orchy

After a decent rest and a shower, we set about the task of walking to Bridge of Orchy. We should have made it to Tyndrum on day 2, according to our plans. Luckily we had the foresight to have planned alternative rest stops. Our first task was to hike the 11 miles to Tyndrum. This time the track would be wider and flatter so we were hopeful for a better day than the day before.

Things went well for the first part of the day. This part of the West Highland Way is easier to walk along and we made good progress for the first few miles.

About five miles into our walk I started getting a pain under the arch of my right foot. It wasn't a sharp pain but it niggled me, as I walked through the wooded section before Tyndrum.

Clearing in the woods

After a lengthy stop at Tyndrum to shore up on medical supplies, mainly plasters and bandages, we headed for Bridge of Orchy if ever someone was to sell blister plasters there they would clean up. The 7 mile hike is flat and can be done within a few hours. I took 2.5 hours to get to the wild camping spot next to the bridge. My rush was the fact I wanted to give my foot a rest and to check for any apparent damage. At the time there was none other than a dull ache. Overall, during the last 3 day on the way we had managed to cover a total distance of 60 miles.
Looking ahead to Ben Dorain

Bridge of Orchy Hotel


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