Our Great Glen Route

You would think that after taking 4 days to complete the West Highland Way, we would start the Great Glen Way with an easy walk. You would be wrong. We are planning to complete the Great Glen Way in 3 days, covering the 79 miles to Inverness. Below, is what we are planning to do.

Day 5: Fort William to Fort Augustus, 34 miles
Yes I know, that's crazy and yes, you are right. We still have an additional day planned as a backup in case  The day will be broken into 3 sections.
Fort William to Gairlochy 13 miles
Gairlochy to South Laggen 10 miles
Laggen to Fort Augustus  11 miles
We'll see if we make it to the campsite at Fort Augustus in the evening or if we'll need to stop before it.
Day 6: Fort Augustus to Drumnadrochit 25 miles
Day 6 is dependent on the fact we can still walk after our previous day's hike. At this point the extra days rest would be good to help us recover. We have already booked a bunkhouse for our night in Drumnadrochit so a chance to sleep in a bed might prove a good motivator to getting through this day.
Day 7: Drumnadrochit to Inverness, 20 miles
As in the previous day we have booked accommodation in Inverness which could help during when we got our mental and physical walls. By this time on our journey I might be too tired to care, hiking the last day just to get it over with.
I don't want to be in a position of not enjoying the whole trip or the Great Glen Way, however the worry is that is what'll happen, by doing too much over a short period of time.


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