Glen Lyon Munros

Munros: Carn Marig and Meall nan Aighean

Height: 1045m/3415ft and 984m/3218ft

OS Map: 51

With the election looming and 1001 things to do I decided to disappear up the hills. I headed to Glen Lyon, to Invervar in fact, to try two Munros I had missed out on the last time I was there, which was 7 years earlier. I had thought that the hills were pretty featureless and boring however I was surprised to find out how nice a day out it actually was.

The track from Invervar was straightforward, a gradual climb and little muddy in places. Things looked like turning for the worst when the dark clouds descended and the rain started. As luck would have it the rain passed and I managed to navigate my way through the boulders which cling to the top of Carn Mairg. The sky had cleared nicely to see Meall nan Aighean. The 2nd Munro looked a long way off however I was sitting on top of the other Munro within the hour which just goes to show you I know nothing about judging distances.


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